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Redirects are navigation and lookup aids. In other WMF projects, redirects are used much more liberally than on en.wiktionary.org. As a dictionary, the spelling of a word is of primary importance. As a multi-lingual dictionary, overlapping spellings are quite common. For this reason, redirects are uniformly prohibited for single-word entries. See WT:REDIR for the policy page that describes the few circumstances where redirects are acceptable on the English Wiktionary.

How to eliminate a redirect


When you arrive at a redirected page, there is a line just below the first heading that says "(Redirected from entry xyz)" in light-gray text. To correct the redirect, click on that hyperlink. This will bring you to the redirect page, which you can then edit. (Remember: replacing a redirect with content is always better than replacing content with a redirect.) In the edit box that appears, the first line will start with "#REDIRECT" or similar. Replace those contents with a language heading (i.e. ==English==) followed by a part-of-speech heading (i.e. ===Noun===) followed by a "soft link" to the target page (i.e. # {{alternative spelling of|[[foobar]]}}.)

How to delete an invalid redirect


If a particular redirect is obvious vandalism, follow the instructions above to edit the redirect page. Instead of replacing the "#REDIRECT"... with content, replace it with {{delete}}. (Anything placed on that entry after the first line is ignored, if the first line starts with "#REDIRECT".)

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