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Entry templates are used to help the creation of new entries. They are used as possible choices if there is no exact match when searching.

The possible choices are controlled by the following templates:

Note: You must choose English as your language in Preferences in order to see the them.

Template Usage Uses
{{new en adj}} Adjective uses
{{new en adj noun}} Adjective and noun uses
{{new en adv}} Adverb uses
{{new en basic}} Basic uses
{{new en compar}} Adjective (comparative) uses
{{new en noun}} Noun uses
{{new en noun part}} Adjective, noun and participle uses
{{new en plural}} Noun (plural) uses
{{new en superl}} Adjective (superlative) uses
{{new en useful}} All headings uses
{{new en verb infl}} Verb uses
{{new en verb past}} Verb (past) uses
{{new en verb pres part}} Verb (present participle) uses
{{new en verb past part}} Verb (past participle) uses
{{new en verb third}} Verb (3rd person) uses
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