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සැකිල්ල:color panel

Wiktionary වෙතින්
color panel:    


This template can be used to display one or two color panels in an entry about the name of a color.


  • |1= — the name of the color. If the name is not specified, the template defaults to the entry name.
  • |2= (in some cases |1=) — mandatory: the hex triplet of the color in the format |2=RRGGBB, with no preceding "#", for example:
    |2=FF0000 – red
    |2=FF536B – light red
    |2=00FF00 – green
    |2=0000FF – blue
  • |3= (in some cases |2=) — some terms can refer to more than one colour. This parameter can be used to indicate the hex triplet of a second colour panel.

If the first parameter is not used to specify the name of the color, the template will assume that the first parameter is the hex triplet of the first color, and the second parameter is hex triplet of the second color.


The template should generally be placed directly below a definition, like this:

# The [[blood-red]] colour of [[raw]] flesh; [[crimson#Noun|crimson]].
#: {{color panel|8C3534}}

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