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en-adv (comparative more en-adv, superlative most en-adv)

Use this template to show the headword line of an English adverb. It shows the headword in bold and its comparative and superlative inflections, if any.

This template contains the necessary meta-data to allow users who are using accelerated editing to create any grammatical forms semi-automatically.


In general, this template is used identically to {{en-adj}}. It takes the same parameters, and they work the same way. See the documentation of {{en-adj}} for more information.

The following are the basic parameters supported:

|1=, |2=, ...
Comparative form(s).
|comp_qual=, |comp2_qual=, ...
Qualifiers corresponding to each comparative form. |comp_qual= corresponds to |1=, |comp2_qual= corresponds to |2=, etc.
|sup=, |sup2=, ...
Superlative form(s).
|sup_qual=, |sup2_qual=, ...
Qualifiers corresponding to each superlative form. |sup_qual= corresponds to |sup=, |sup2_qual= corresponds to |sup=, etc.

The following parameters are additionally supported on all English headword templates, including {{en-adv}}:

|head=, |head2=, ...
Override the headword display; used to add links to individual words in a multiword term.
Sense ID for linking to this headword. See {{senseid}} for more information.
|nolinkhead=1, |splithyph=1, |nosplithyph=1, |hyphspace=1
Control how multiword terms are linked. See Module:en-headword/documentation for more information.
Prevent terms beginning with a hyphen from being interpreted as suffixes. See Module:en-headword/documentation#Suffix handling for more information.
Prevent multiword terms (those with spaces or with hyphens in the middle) from being added to Category:English multiword terms.
Override the page name used to compute default values of various sorts. Useful when testing, for documentation pages, etc.
Sort key. Rarely needs to be specified, as it is normally automatically generated.

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