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සැකිල්ල:list helper/documentation

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Documentation for සැකිල්ල:list helper. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.


* {{list helper|title=foo|a|b|c}}

produces something like this:

  • title — required — text to appear, italicized and in parentheses, before the beginning of the list
  • 1= through 60= (positional parameters) — optional — the actual list elements (up to 60)
  • 1syn= through 60syn= and 1syn2= through 60syn2= — optional — synonyms that should also appear in the list. (For example, if 1=a and 1syn=an, you'll get "a/an".)
  • appendix — optional — the appendix that the title should link to
  • appendixonly
  • cat and cat2 — optional — category/ies that should be linked-to, in superscript, after the end of the list
  • nocat — optional — if missing or blank, then not only will there be links to cat and/or cat2, but in addition, the entry will be added to those categories; if present and non-blank, then there will only be links
  • sort and sort2 — optional — sort keys to use when adding the entry to cat and cat2
  • hypernym, hypernym2, hypernym3, and hypernym4
  • lang
  • sc
  • synseparator

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