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Wiktionary වෙතින්
Documentation for සැකිල්ල:පෙළපත් නාමය. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

Definition for surname entries.

|1= (required)
Language code; see Wiktionary:List of languages. The parameter |lang= is a deprecated synonym; please do not use. If this is used, all numbered parameters move down by one.
Adjective or qualifier.
(usually language name not code) derived from
replacement for "A" (see below)
equivalent surname in English, for use in foreign-language entries
gender of the surname (only used for certain languages like Icelandic or Greek)
masculine equivalent of this surname (for gendered surnames)
feminine equivalent of this surname (for gendered surnames)
  1. A surname from ප්‍රංශ.

(and categorizes in Category:English surnames)

  1. A surname originating as a patronymic.

(and categorizes in Category:English surnames and Category:English surnames from patronymics)

but note:

  1. An English surname from ප්‍රංශ.

where the module is smart enough to replace "A" with "An". You can override this using |A=.

Trailing punctuation is no longer generated automatically, so there is no need to suppress it using nodot=1:

{{surname|en|from=Latin}} a form of [[Silvanus]].
  1. A surname from ලතින්, a form of Silvanus.

|1= and |from= are combined into a subcategory. Something such as:


is filed in a Category:Finnish surnames, but:


is filed in a Category:Finnish surnames from Finnish. Unlike |1=, |from= is not a code but a full language name.

  • {{surname-lite}}: Template-only version supporting only some features, useful on pages with memory errors.
  • {{given name}}