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සිංහල විකිපීඩියාව සතුව මෙයට අදාළ ලිපියක් ඇත:


Borrowed from සිංහල ශ්‍රී ලංකාව (śrī laṁkāwa), from සංස්කෘත श्री लङ्का (śrī laṅkā, literally holy Lanka).


  • IPA(key): /ʃɹiˈlɑːŋkə/, /sɹiˈlɑːŋkə/, /sɹiˈlæŋkə/[1][2]
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It should be noted that the Sanskrit honorific that the "Sri" comes from (श्री, ISO: Śrī) is pronounced [ɕriː], and while this pronunciation is preserved in Sinhalese, the closest English phoneme that best fits [ɕ] is /ʃ/, resulting in the approximation /ʃɹ/. /sɹ/ in English results from ignoring or dropping the diacritic on ⟨s⟩ in the romanization ⟨śrī⟩. In Sinhalese, [sriː] may occur as an acceptable variant pronunciation only in quick, uneducated speech, because [ɕ] is an uncommon phoneme in Sinhalese and is replaced with [s] in certain dialects.

Both stresses on the first and second syllables of "Lanka" are accepted, but the latter is closer to its native pronunciation.

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Sri Lanka

  1. Country in South Asia. Official name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
  2. The island comprising most of this country.

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සිංහල විකිපීඩියාව සතුව මෙයට අදාළ ලිපියක් ඇත:

“Sri Lanka” has been the official name since 1972; prior to that it was Ceylon.

Place names are a source of controversy in Sri Lankan politics, in connection with the Sri Lankan Civil War, and some find “Sri Lanka” to be too Sinhalese. A Tamil name is Eelam, and some Tamil political parties retain “Ceylon” in their name, such as the All Ceylon Tamil Congress and the Ceylon Workers' Congress.

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