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සිංහල විකිපීඩියාව සතුව මෙයට අදාළ ලිපියක් ඇත:


From ප්‍රංශ Canada, from the Laurentian kanata (village, settlement). Cf Onondaga ganataa (village). See also "Name of Canada" on English Wikipedia.


සංඥා නාමය

Canada (countable and uncountable, බහුවචනය Canadas)

  1. A country in North America.
    • 2015, Chigozie Obioma, The Fishermen, ONE, page 219:
      Father narrated the story of how Canada developed over a short period to surpass other countries, including Britain, from which it had emerged.
  2. (historical) Lower Canada 1791-1840 (also Canada East 1840-1867, now province of Quebec) or respectively Upper Canada (Canada West, now province of Ontario), often “the Canadas” (or politically, “United Canada” 1840-1867).
  3. (historical) (1608-1763) The most active province of New France. Nowadays corresponds to the territory of much of Quebec, Ontario, and several US states (aligning with the Saint Lawrence River and Ottawa River plains and Great Lakes plains, and Laurentian Mountains)
  4. A surname from ප්‍රංශ.


Derived terms

ආශ්‍රිත යෙදුම්


  • ප්‍රංශ: canadair
  • ග්‍රීක: καναντέρ (kanantér)
  • ඉතාලි: canadair
  • Serbo-Croatian: kanader


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